67-Key Split Alice Layout Wired Keybord Kit

  • 67-Key 68% Arrangement
  • Leaf-Spring Mounted Structure
  • Lower-Lamp RGB LEDs
  • Single-key Slotted PCB
  • Wired Type-C USB Interface
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Product description

Unique Split Alice Layout: A Revolution in Comfort and Convenience

The WEIKAV Record Alice sets itself apart in the crowded keyboard market with its unique Split Alice Layout. This ergonomic and scientifically-designed layout features a 67-key, 68% arrangement that offers unparalleled comfort and handiness. Ideal for those seeking a blend of compact design and functional versatility, this layout is a testament to innovation in keyboard design.

Leaf-Spring Mounted Structure Design: Smooth Typing Redefined

At the heart of the WEIKAV Record Alice's superior user experience is its leaf-spring mounted structure. This cutting-edge design not only enhances the keyboard's aesthetic appeal but also provides soft-elastic typing feedback. Every keystroke feels smooth, effortless, and satisfying, redefining the standards of typing comfort.

Unmatched Stability with Beryllium-Copper Shrapnel

Stability and performance go hand in hand in the WEIKAV Record Alice, thanks to its use of high-quality beryllium-copper shrapnel. This feature ensures that each keystroke is stable, smooth, and consistent, elevating your typing experience to professional levels. Whether for gaming or typing, this keyboard delivers exceptional performance.

Professionally Designed Internal Arrangement: Precision and Comfort Combined

The internal arrangement of the WEIKAV Record Alice is a masterpiece of engineering. It boasts a multi-layered internal padding, a PC material positioning board, and a single-key slotted PCB, all contributing to a typing experience that is both consistent and comfortable. The meticulous design ensures every component works in harmony, delivering a seamless and satisfying typing experience.

Solid Aluminum Alloy Chassis: Durability Meets Elegance

Durability meets elegance in the WEIKAV Record Alice's chassis. Crafted from high-quality 6063 series aluminum alloy using precise CNC machining, this keyboard is not only robust but also exudes a premium feel. The anodized finish adds a touch of luxury, making it a stylish addition to any desk. Weighing in at 1300 grams and measuring 347x131x43.4mm, it's a testament to the perfect balance between heft and portability.

Technical Details
Split Alice
Type-C USB
Case Material
1300 grams
Inside the Box
  • WEIKAV RECORD Alice Kit x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
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