LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2

Original 70 Pieces of LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2 Set for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement

  • POM stem, Nylon Housing
  • Linear, Factory Lubed
  • 5 pins with light diffusers
  • Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
  • Durable Lifespan: 60 millions of stokes
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Product description

LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2

The LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2 is crafted for speed and responsiveness. With a light initial force and swift actuation, this switch is perfect for gamers and typists who crave a rapid keystroke without sacrificing precision. The light touch is coupled with a satisfyingly crisp bottom-out sound, making every press as pleasing to the ear as it is to the finger.

Light Diffusers

The LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2 comes with light diffusers that enhance the brightness of RGB lighting, adding a dynamic flair to your custom typing environment.

Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps

The LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2 are designed to be compatible with the general MX structure, fitting most keycap sets with an (X) cross stem. This feature enhances their versatility, allowing for easy switch replacement and keyboard customization.

Pom Stem & Nylon Housings

The LEOBOG Kayking Switch V2, excels with its POM stem and Nylon housings. The POM stem provides a smooth, frictionless keystroke, ensuring a fluid typing experience. Nylon housings complement this with their durability and a deeper sound signature, offering a satisfying 'thock' with each press. Ideal for both gaming and prolonged typing, the Kayking V2's design ensures a balance of comfort and acoustic pleasure.

Technical Details
Number of switches
70 pieces
Switch Type
5 pins
Factory Lubed
POM stem, Nylon Housing
Initial Force
Actuation Force
Bottom-out Force
Total Travel
Actuation Travel
60 millions of stokes
Inside the Box
  • 70 Pieces of LEOBOG Kayking V2 Switches
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