KiiBOOM x Maorbeng Meow Meow Squad Keycaps

141 Keys MAO Profile PBT Full Keycaps Set

  • 141 Keys, Compatible with Most keyboards
  • PBT full five-sided dye sublimation
  • Charm and quality
  • Unique MAO profile
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Product description

Step into a world where each keystroke is a symphony of cuteness with the KiiBOOM x Maorbeng Meow Meow Squad Keycaps Set! This 141-key collection is the purr-fect blend of charm and quality, designed for those who demand both style and durability in their typing adventures. The keycaps are constructed from top-tier PBT material using a five-sided dye-sublimation technique, ensuring that the playful cat illustrations enveloping each key are resistant to fading and wear.

The unique MAO profile height introduces a novel typing experience, tailored for ergonomic comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Revel in a palette of soothing pastels, with each keycap featuring an adorable cat motif, from the whimsical expressions of playful kittens to serene and wise feline faces. The attention to detail is evident, as even the 'Enter' key is graced with a lounging cat, inviting you to pause and smile amidst your busy day.

With compatibility across various keyboard sizes, the KiiBOOM x Maorbeng Meow Meow Squad Keycaps Set is not just an accessory, but a centerpiece that transforms your keyboard into a delightful menagerie of keyboard artistry. It's a must-have for enthusiasts who want to infuse their workspace with a dash of whimsy and a whisper of comfort, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.

Technical Details
Number of Keycaps
Inside the Box
  • A Set of Meow Meow Squad Keycaps
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