KeysMe Lunar 01

87% Hot-Swappable Bluetooth/2.4Ghz/ Type-C Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Fidget Spinner

  • 87% Layout
  • Gasket Mount & Hot-Swappable
  • Magnetic Fidget Spinner Rocket
  • Triple-Connection: Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz, and Type-C
  • South-facing RGB LEDs with 4000mAh Battery
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Product description

Colorful Theme & 87%US Layout

Discover the beauty of duality with the Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard's array of exclusive color schemes. Dive into the ethereal allure of the "Ghost Spaceship" theme or immerse yourself in the "Caramel Latte" theme, each a hauntingly beautiful blend of shades capturing distinct essences. With additional color themes like "Lunar White" and "Hole Black," the keyboard transcends mere functionality. Housed in a sleek 87% US layout, these themes are an expression of your personality. Whether you're drawn to the stark contrast of "Lunar White," the enigmatic depth of "Hole Black," the cosmic mystery of "Ghost Spaceship," or the comforting warmth of "Caramel Latte," Lunar 01 offers a world that resonates with your style.

Personalized Tactility: Hot Swappable 3/5 Pin & Variable Gasket Mount

Shape your typing universe. With the flexibility of hot Swappable 3/5 pin switches, you're in command of your tactile experience. The Variable Gasket Mount further amplifies each keystroke, bringing unparalleled sound and immersion to your fingertips.

Customize South-facing RGB Backlights & PBT Keycaps

Each key has its own RGB backlight, and it is south-facing RGB-LED. You can set up the colors in the way you want and match up the backlighting with your mood every day. For a tactile experience, the Lunar 01 features high-quality PBT keycaps to ensure that the keys won't fade over time. This material is tactile and textured for durability, adding another level of sophistication to your keyboard setup.

Magnetic Fidget Spinner Rocket & Multifunctional Pickup Lamp

Lunar 01 has a pick-up lamp that can identify cosmic signals and is equipped with 2 rockets with a firm thrust. The coolest thing is that the keystroke sound with flick and full echo cancellation is quite clear without any noise, just like the signal sound transmitted in the universe.

Unlimited Horizons: Triple Model Connection & Mac/Win Compatibility

Boundaries? What boundaries? Whether you're orbiting with a wired Type-C, gliding through 2.4G Wireless space, or cruising via Bluetooth, Lunar 01 ensures connections are vast and seamless. Mac & Windows compatibility further cements its status as a universal command center.

Power & Durability: 4000mAh Battery & Polycarbonate Shell

No explorer should be held back, and with a massive 4000mAh battery, your adventures are endless. Encased in a durable polycarbonate shell, the Lunar 01 is built to weather any cosmic storm, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Specifications for Custom Switch
GATERON Mars Switch 
  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 45gf
  • Bottoming Force:50gf
  • Pre-Travel: 1.2mm
  • Total Travel:3.5.0±0.3mm
  • Spring: 20mm
  • Lifespan:80 million times
  • GATERON Weightless Switch 
  • Type: Tactile
  • Operating Force: 50gf
  • Bottoming Force:50gf
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0mm
  • Total Travel:3.4mm
  • Spring: 22mm
  • Lifespan:80 million times
  • GATERON Baby Kangaroo 2.0 Switch
  • Type: Tactile
  • Operating Force: 59±8g
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0±0.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.4mm
  • Pre-lubed: Yes
  • Spring: 22mm double stage gold-plated
  • Technical Details
    KeysMe Lunar 01
    Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz
    Keycap material
    Keycap Profile
    Gasket Mount
    Gasket Material
    Case Material
    Plate Material
    Stabilizer Type
    Battery Capacity
    Anti-Ghost Key
    LED Direction
    368.5 x 152 x 47.5 mm
    Inside the Box
    • 1 * KeysMe Lunar 01 Keyboard
    • 1 * Laser stickers
    • 1 * 2.4G dongle
    • 1 * Instructional Manual
    • 1 * Crowbar
    • 14 * Silicone bottom gasket
    • 1 * Coiledcable USB-C to USB-A
    • 1 * Type-A to Type-C adapter
    • 1 * Keycap & Switch puller
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