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A VIA-programmable Mechanical Keyboard

The Feker IK65 is a compact 65% mechanical keyboard, known for its remarkable flexibility and functionality. This makes the customization process seamless and straightforward. With its VIA-programmable feature, you can customize your keyboard’s layout and other settings, tailoring your experience to your specific needs and preferences.

Wireless and Wired Tri-Mode

Connectivity is another strength of this keyboard. It supports 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB-C wired connections, offering convenience and versatility. When the keyboard is under the 2.4G connection, it can be connected to VIA wirelessly. Whether you're on the move or sitting at your desk, you can switch modes effortlessly to match your current scenario. With a high-capacity 4000mAh battery, the Feker IK65 offers long-lasting performance. It ensures that you can type or game for hours without worrying about running out of power.

PBT Cherry-profile Keycaps with Secondary Function Printing

The Feker IK65 mechanical keyboard is equipped with PBT keycaps that have a cherry profile. Furthermore, these keycaps come with secondary function printing. This means that the additional functions each key can perform when combined with the Fn key. This design makes it easier for you to access various commands and shortcuts without having to memorize the functions of each key, making the Feker IK65 an incredibly user-friendly keyboard. Whether you're a seasoned keyboard enthusiast or a newbie, these PBT cherry-profile keycaps with secondary function printing make the typing experience more comfortable and efficient.

RGB Backlights & Rotary Metal Knob

Adding a visual experience to your keyboard, the Feker IK65 comes with vibrant RGB backlights. These aren't just for show - they serve a functional purpose as well. The RGB backlights illuminate each key, making typing in dim environments a breeze. To enhance user interaction, the Feker IK65 is fitted with a sleek, rotary metal knob. This multifunctional knob adds a touch of sophistication to the keyboard and is not just about aesthetics. The knob allows for quick and easy adjustments to volume up or down, depending on your preference. It's a simple, intuitive control that complements the keyboard's overall function and design.

Sound Absorption Foams Kit

To ensure a whisper-quiet typing experience, the IK65 is equipped with high-quality Poron PCB foam, IXPE switch sheet, Poron socket foam and EVA bottom foam, absorbing the clatter of keystrokes without sacrificing responsiveness. These various foam layers work in unison to produce a more refined, quieter, and more enjoyable typing experience on the Feker IK65. Each keystroke produces a muted, satisfying thock sound that's sure to please any mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

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Shanya Korver
Haven't gotten it yet

I haven't received the keyboard yet

Fazal Mehmood

I loved it It is so good

Fazal Mehmood

I loved it It is so good

Delayne Bradley

such a good keyboard it’s so beautiful and it sounds amazing!

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