Everglide AE68

65% Top Mount Gaming Type-C Wired Keyboard

  • 65% Layout for Gaming
  • Hall Effect Trigger
  • Up to 8k Polling Rate
  • Everglide Customized Magnetic Switch
  • Stable Type-C Wired Connections
  • High-quality PBT Keycaps
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Product description

A Keyboard That Speaks to the Future

The Everglide AE68 is not merely a keyboard; it is a revolution wrapped in elegance, designed for the connoisseur of fine gaming peripherals. At its heart, the 65% compact form factor does more than save space—it invites efficiency and aesthetic harmony to your gaming setup. The hallmark of the AE68 is its Hall Effect trigger technology, a feature that propels this keyboard into the future. By harnessing the power of magnetic fields for key actuation, it offers an unparalleled level of precision that mechanical switches can hardly match.

Adjustable Actuation: A Canvas for Personalization

The AE68 shines brightly with its adjustable actuation feature, turning the keyboard into a finely-tuned instrument that responds to the user's every whim. This bespoke adjustment capability allows for a personalization level that is rare in the gaming keyboard arena, enabling users to set the actuation point to their precise liking. Whether it's the light touch for rapid-fire gaming or a deeper press for deliberate actions, the AE68 adapts to your preferences, enhancing both gaming prowess and typing ergonomics. This level of customization is a testament to the keyboard's ability to blend with the user's unique style and preferences, offering a truly personalized interface.

Rapid Trigger and High Polling Rate: The Edge of Performance

Speed and responsiveness are the twin pillars upon which the AE68 stands tall. Its rapid trigger functionality is a marvel, ensuring that keypresses are registered with astonishing speed, making every action instantaneous. This is further amplified by an impressive up to 8k polling rate, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in keyboard response times. This feature dramatically reduces input lag, ensuring that whether in the heat of battle or amidst a flurry of keystrokes, the AE68 is more than just a step ahead—it's in the future.

Customized Magnetic Switches: The Core of Innovation

At the core of the AE68's technological advancements are the Everglide customized magnetic switches. These switches are the engine behind the keyboard's exceptional performance, offering durability that far surpasses traditional mechanical switches. The magnetic actuation eliminates physical wear and tear, ensuring a lifespan that keeps pace with the demands of high-intensity gaming and typing. This innovation not only enhances the keyboard's reliability but also its tactile feedback, providing a smooth, consistent keystroke experience that is as satisfying as it is efficient.

Type-C Wired Connection: Uncompromised Stability

Connectivity is the lifeline of any gaming keyboard, and the AE68 excels with its Type-C wired connection, ensuring a stable, high-speed link to your digital world. This modern interface guarantees that the keyboard's advanced features are delivered with precision, free from the worries of latency or disconnection. The robust, detachable cable offers flexibility and ease of use, complementing the keyboard's forward-thinking design. It's a testament to the AE68's commitment to providing a seamless, uninterrupted gaming and typing experience, making it a beacon for gamers and professionals seeking reliability without compromise.

Technical Details
Everglide AE68
Keycap Material
PBT Keycaps
Case Material
ABS plastic/Aluminium
Only for certain magnetic switches
Mount Type
Top Mount
Type-C Wired
Inside the Box
  • Keyboard
  • Type-C Cable
  • Keycap Puller
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