Epomaker Pink Piggy Keycaps Set

142 Keys MOA Profile Dye Sublimation PBT Keycaps Set

  • 142 Keys, Compatible with Most keyboards
  • Elegant Design Meets Playful Charm
  • Superior Material for Longevity and Comfort
  • MOA Profile, Compatible with MX Switches
  • Dye Sublimation for ANSI layout
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Product description

Elegant Design Meets Playful Charm

Step up your keyboard's aesthetic with the EPOMAKER Pink Piggy keycap set. Drawing inspiration from the playful allure of pink piggy, these keycaps offer both a touch of whimsy and refined elegance, perfect for users who crave uniqueness and style.

Superior Material for Longevity and Comfort

Crafted from high-grade PBT material, the Pink Piggy keycaps promise durability that withstands the test of time. With a smooth finish, every touch feels premium, making both gaming and typing a luxurious experience. With the advanced dye-sublimation process, the cute piggy designs and vibrant pink hues on the keycaps are not just surface-level. They are embedded deep within, ensuring they remain pristine and fade-resistant, no matter how intense your sessions get.

Precision and Perfection: MOA Profile

Introducing the MOA profile, where each key maintains a consistent 40MM height, ensuring a seamless and comfortable typing experience. All keys, all rolls, one height. Uniformity at its finest.

Universal Compatibility: For Every Keyboard Enthusiast

Whether you sport a compact 61-key or a full-sized 108-key keyboard, this set has got you covered. Comprising 142 keys, including a 6.25U space bar, it is designed to fit a wide range of mechanical keyboards, specifically tailored for MX switches.

Technical Details
Number of Keys
142 keys (Space bar: 6.25U)
61/64/68/78/84/87/96/98/104/108-key mechanical keyboards
Designed for
MX switches
Inside the Box
  • A Set of Epomaker Pink Piggy Keycaps
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Customer Reviews

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Epomaker Pink Piggy Keycap set

The most
Beautiful set ever!!! It goes wit my Fecker so nice! For a clip check blossomglitters_ to see it in its full glory!

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