Epomaker Mini Cat 68 Kit

65% Hot Swappable Acrylic RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming DIY Keyboard Kit

  • Cat-Shape Acrylic Layers
  • Stacked Acrylic Case with South-facing LED Backlights
  • VIA Programmable
  • Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac
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Product description

65% Hotswappable Mechanical DIY Keyboard Kit

The Mini Cat 68 kit from EPOMAKER includes a variety of features that appeals gamers and DIYers. The 65% layout remains the essential keys while saving space for mouse on the desktop. The 68-key layout has the arrow keys and home-cluster keys that many people find them important in daily work. Apart from the layout, hot-swappable sockets are convenient for changing both 3 and 5-pin switches at wills without troubles in cutting the side pins off.

Cat-Shape Acrylic Layers

We are so proud to release a Mini Cat series after the success of the Mini Cat 64, as they are all such cute creatures! Continuing to be an outstanding keyboard DIY kit, a mini cat is literally on the top of the keyboard, sending greetings to our lovely enthusiasts. With this keyboard, it is definitely an eye-catching peripheral on your desktop with multiple great functions!

Stacked Acrylic Case with South-facing LED Backlights

Each layer in the Mini Cat 68 is cut in a specific shape, and when stacked together, they form the complete case. It has a unique aesthetic appeal because the layers of acrylic can create a sort of "frosted" or diffused look, which is especially appealing with the installing LEDs and RGB modules on the PCB. The south-facing LEDs avoid the interference with Cherry-profile keycaps, as well as be compatible perfectly with side-printed keycaps.

VIA Programmable

The Mini Cat 68 kit is programmable by VIA. For those who are not used to the compact layout, this is especially useful for custom keyboard enthusiasts who want to experiment with different key mappings, macros, or dynamic lighting effects. It's also great for anyone who uses different keyboard layouts (like QWERTY, Dvorak, or Colemak) and want to switch between them easily. The changes can remain in the keyboard even when the keyboard is unplugged and re-plugged. By applying this function, the keyboard is with great potential to be programmed and modded.

Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac

Equipped with the type-C interface, the Mini Cat 68 kit holds fast and stable connection. Moreover, the DIY kit is compatible with OS on both Windows and Mac. It surely meets the needs of each user to work efficiently or switch between gaming and working status.

Technical Details
Number of Keys
68 keys
Hot-swap Availability
3/5-pin Hot-swappable
Stabilizer Type
Plate mounted
PCB Type
PCB stabs supportable
Case Material
Stacked Acrylic
Inside the Box
  • 1*Epomaker Mini Cat 68 Kit (PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers, dampening Foams)
  • 1*Type-C Cable
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

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Epomaker Mini Cat 68 Kit

I got it on sale and it was definitely worth the price, one thing to note is that the plastic plates around the keyboard that make the cat arent stuck to eachother so if you hold up the keyboard from the center, the plates lift since theres only four screws in the coner.

No issues with it at all so far, just a little surprised by that choice.

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